great2know: Your digital company memory

Transform the knowledge in your employees’ heads into a digital corporate memory so that valuable experience is no longer lost.

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great2know platform The most important features at a glance

Secure expert knowledge in real time

Continuously record and store the expert knowledge of your employees in order to use it as a valuable resource for innovation and problem solving.

Easy accessibility and permanent storage of knowledge

great2know gives your employees quick access to a centrally stored and contextualized knowledge archive.

More efficient training and decision-making

Our platform facilitates the induction of new employees and improves day-to-day decision-making by providing immediate access to the knowledge required.

Customizable keywords for better organization

Increase the efficiency of information retrieval by structuring the knowledge in your corporate memory with customizable keywords.

Integration of knowledge feedback and improvement

Collect feedback directly via our knowledge management tool to continuously improve the quality and currency of your corporate memory.

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Christine Lutz

CSO & Co-founder