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People leave, their knowledge stays. We create the digital corporate memory and unlock hidden knowledge that previously only existed in people’s heads. We capture knowledge digitally, process it and make it available.

Who’s behind great2know?

Dr. Bettina Volkens
With a holistic view of HR work and a great deal of passion, Bettina Volkens brings her in-depth knowledge to great2know.
Martin Steinke
Martin combines technical know-how with an entrepreneurial spirit and thus drives the product development of great2know.
Christine Lutz
Christine combines pragmatism and empathy to drive efficient processes and needs-based innovations at great2know.

The great2know vision

As a pioneer for sustainable knowledge management, we strive to become synonymous with efficient and future-oriented knowledge retention in companies. Our platform makes it possible to capture, process and make available the previously undocumented knowledge of your employees in order to promote innovation and growth.

Key points of our vision:

  • Capture and organize knowledge efficiently
  • Embed knowledge transfer in the company
  • Minimize risks from loss of knowledge
  • Simplify the search for knowledge
  • Foster an environment of continuous learning

The story of great2know

The idea for great2know was born in November 2020 when Christine Lutz and Dr. Bettina Volkens, both deeply rooted in the HR department at Lufthansa, discussed the problem of knowledge loss in companies. The vision of digitizing and scaling analogue knowledge transfer led to the founding of great2know in April 2021.

Challenges and development

The early days of great2know were characterized by highlights and challenges that led to key learnings, a change in the founding team and a name change. Through it all, the team remained true to its mission of creating a digital corporate memory.

Expansion and future outlook

The great2know team was reorganized when Martin Steinke joined as Co-Founder and Head of Product Development in July 2022. This change has enabled us to break new strategic ground and further concretize our vision of efficient, digital knowledge transfer.

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