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Give new employees a quick start by giving them direct access to the knowledge of their predecessors in the company’s digital memory.

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great2know platform The most important features at a glance

Access to previous knowledge

We enable your employees to directly access the prepared and structured knowledge of their predecessors, which guarantees a well-founded and rapid induction.

  • Experiences: Access contextualized testimonials from predecessors to gain insights into best practices and challenges.
  • Documented work processes: Use detailed recorded workflows and process descriptions to avoid system breaks.

Even distribution of knowledge within the company

With great2know, the exclusive knowledge of individuals or teams is made accessible, effectively breaking up head monopolies.

Intuitive knowledge search

Our platform offers an intuitive search function that allows employees to quickly and easily find specific knowledge and solutions for their tasks.

Personalized learning paths

Create personalized learning paths that are tailored to the individual needs and experience of your employees to shorten the induction period.

  • Customizable learning modules: Put together customized learning content that is precisely tailored to the new employee’s role and prior knowledge.
  • Progress tracking: Provide a clear overview of learning progress so that you can offer targeted support.

Continuous learning

Through constant access to current and expanded knowledge, we promote continuous learning and the personal development of our employees.

Remote onboarding: ready for the future

Use our digital platform to train new employees easily and efficiently, even when working from home. This eliminates the need for a lot of on-site work and enables seamless integration into the team, regardless of location.

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Christine Lutz

CSO & Co-founder