A holistic approach to knowledge management

Digital knowledge management and position-related onboarding now with great2know.

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Find out how great2know simplifies and optimizes knowledge management in your company in the long term.

great2know platform Individual knowledge management for your company

Passing on position-related knowledge instead of losing it

With great2know, you ensure that valuable specialist knowledge is retained within your company and passed on in a targeted manner.

  • Secure relevant expertise when employees change
  • Avoid loss of knowledge and promote rapid familiarization
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Access to secure company knowledge at any time

great2know facilitates access to secure knowledge throughout the company, which promotes the dissolution of head monopolies and the rapid dissemination of information.

  • Use secured documents and expert knowledge
  • Breaking down knowledge barriers and increasing accessibility
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Build up your digital company memory

Save and contextualize documents and make undocumented knowledge from the minds of your employees accessible to create a digital corporate memory.

  • Targeted access to company knowledge
  • Scalable knowledge management
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Christine Lutz

CSO & Co-founder