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Effectively prevent knowledge loss by securing the knowledge of your departing employees permanently and accessibly for your company.

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great2know platform The most important features at a glance

Targeted knowledge transfer to successors

Define clear guidelines for knowledge transfer to enable departing employees to pass on their know-how to their successors in a targeted manner and thus retain expertise within the company.

  • Individual knowledge profiles: Create detailed requirement profiles that ensure the specific knowledge of each employee.
  • Handover checklists: Develop customized checklists for a comprehensive handover to ensure that no important knowledge is lost.

Automated recording of exit interviews

Use great2know to automatically record exit interviews and feedback. Gain valuable insights and take measures to strengthen employee retention.

Monitoring the progress of knowledge transfer

Monitor the transfer of knowledge during the offboarding process in real time. Identify knowledge gaps at an early stage to prevent the loss of important information.

Development of a digital corporate memory

Save the relevant knowledge from the offboarding process in a central knowledge database. Create a long-term accessible digital corporate memory.

  • Access rights management: Ensure that knowledge is stored securely while giving the right employees access to it.
  • Search functions and tagging: Improve the findability of information with effective search tools and an intelligent tagging system.

The great2know Customer Success Managers Customized support for your knowledge transfer

With the help of our Customer Success Managers, you can also ask your employees about their in-depth expert knowledge in order to specifically promote the transfer of specialist knowledge and thus strengthen the exchange of knowledge within the company.

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