Strategic documentation of knowledge for your company

With great2know, you can capture and secure your employees’ critical knowledge at an early stage in order to minimize risks and strengthen your innovative power.

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Potential loss of critical knowledge and work interruptionsRisks of head monopolies for companies:

With the imminent departure of employees, the preservation of critical company knowledge is becoming an urgent concern. Companies are recognizing the need to reduce head monopolies and systematically pass on knowledge.

of knowledge in companies is not documented

of employees have documented their knowledge in detail

of employees have critical business knowledge

Your knowledge management software To break up head monopolies

Without great2know

  • Loss of knowledge: Companies lose valuable know-how because existing knowledge is not systematically recorded.
  • Inefficient work processes: Unclear responsibilities and work processes impair the quality of work and lead to misunderstandings.
  • No collectively accessible knowledge: Important information is not accessible to all employees and is lost when employees leave the company.
  • Lack of appreciation: Departing employees have only limited opportunities to pass on valuable knowledge.
  • Head monopolies: Companies are not able to effectively identify and dismantle head monopolies, which leads to an unequal distribution of knowledge.
  • Effective knowledge transfer: Critical knowledge is documented and made accessible to future users.
  • Improved work processes: The structured transfer of knowledge improves the efficiency of work processes and reduces misunderstandings.
  • Digital corporate memory: Digitize the undocumented knowledge of your employees and create a collective corporate memory.
  • Targeted knowledge transfer: Employees can reflect before leaving the company and leave valuable traces behind.
  • Distribute knowledge: Head monopolies are reduced and companies can distribute and use the relevant knowledge more widely.

great2know platform The most important features at a glance

Efficient documentation of key knowledge for head monopolies

With great2know, employee knowledge is systematically recorded and stored in order to avoid head monopolies and to promote a continuous exchange of knowledge within the company.

Targeted transfer of specialist knowledge to the team

Clear guidelines make it easier for employees to pass on their specialist knowledge to colleagues in a targeted manner in order to prevent isolated head monopolies and strengthen team collaboration.

Automated recording of knowledge feedback and requirements

Automated analyses provide companies with insights into knowledge gaps and the need for additional expertise in order to increase efficiency in knowledge sharing.

Continuous monitoring of knowledge transfer

Monitor the progress of knowledge transfer in real time and identify potential bottlenecks or knowledge gaps at an early stage. Continuous monitoring allows you to ensure that relevant knowledge is shared continuously and effectively.

Central knowledge database for long-term security

Collect all information centrally in order to secure company knowledge in the long term and break through head monopolies, which contributes to the sustainable development of the company.

The great2know Customer Success Managers Customized support for your knowledge transfer

With the help of our Customer Success Managers, you can also ask your employees about their in-depth expert knowledge in order to specifically promote the transfer of specialist knowledge and thus strengthen the exchange of knowledge within the company.

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